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Monday, 10 June 2013

Story of a Butterfly

I broke my cocoon 
In wrong time .
I was ready to fly around ,
was ready to feast on flowers ,
was ready to celebrate life ;
And when my cover was burst opened,
I flew with all my energy ,
Waving my rainbow coloured wings .

Trapped in a spider web ,
Fluttered and lost my colours .
I'm an ugly worm now.
The spider was no worshiper of beauty .
He came measuring the length
Inch by inch,
with his hairy feet .
Ate me up .

While being swallowed ,
I remember,
His face was familiar to me
And I was dead at soul .!!!


  1. no words... this is awesome...
    not just the words, the theme, the thought process...beautifully wrought...

    1. Thanks Deepu for the nice words showered