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Friday, 17 May 2013


     Hey guys, are you very busy ?! Stop and think for a moment please.Have you ever told "I love you" to any one? Yeah I know you are going back to the  golden moments of your teen age love,and if you are a teenager, you are just rewinding to see the blushed cheeks of your love , or it may be the bitterness of a slap even! I didn't mean any of that .

     You may be a husband ,a wife, a son, a daughter, a grand child or a grandparent; whoever you be ,have not you ever felt   your heart overflowing with love towards any of the above said or towards someone in a different position? My question is ever did you allow yourself to reveal or express it verbally?Like "love you my mom", "love you my man, my lady, my grandpa,my son" etc..? May be not at all ! What is preventing you? Will that make you less respectful! make you mean and valueless?will your high position in the family be adversely affected?  Never ever my friends. Instead it will make miracles in your life. Here, you may  put forward  counter arguments,like "won't people understand that from behaviour? What is the need of telling it? how cheap it is?"
     Let me ask one more question now . Did you ever feel annoyed when somebody  said it to you ? Didn't  you enjoy it with heavy heartbeat and irresistible joy? Still denying?  Ok  proceed.   But  for those who agree  ,  dear friends, please waste not your time any more, waste not the rest of your life .Do practise it and feel the wonder ,experience the tremendous positive changes it brings in your life  Tell your beloveds, "I love you" when you feel to ."All  the best,  I LOVE YOU."


  1. If u r the apostle of love of the times,pls tell me how to love as im in darkness..cought on fire due to lv.As love grows older what happens?will the lv bcm coal afte burning up?

  2. No. Girlish. Love never perishes. If its true

  3. Love supposed to be an easy expression, simple and smooth to go about, but, look at it. Most of the time saying ‘ I love you’ becomes a tough job

  4. Yeah. It is tough to practise. Keep on trying !!

  5. Sometimes love needs no verbal xpresions in fact there cud be falsehood on occasions of such declarations .love is one thing that cud be felt like bhavam in music its vibrations are felt if genuine .
    Again as you say there is a positive emotional outpouring if one gets or gives love and deems to spell it out too .

  6. love can change alife and a whole world