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Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Better late than never!!

     We often shower praises on people after their demise or retirement from their profession. What is the use of it ?. It is said that praises should be done in public and criticisms in private. Good words from the depth of heart will make a person happy , it will energize him and prompt him to improve much. Praising one, after his death will do no good other than satisfy one's own prick of conscience for not admiring that person when he really deserved it. Same is the result when we admire a person of his good qualities or skills during his retirement .He might have been pleased: but at the same time will begin to worry that he could have improved much if was encouraged by others before the end of his profession.

     Why people are much reluctant in using good words!! Why appreciation is not a habit in our life ? Friends ,please do practise it and experience the wonders awaiting!  And don't forget  to accept it when somebody says good words on you too :)


  1. Those who feel more appreciated tend to have more positive attitudes and show greater levels of motivation.Expressing appreciation also brings stress relief in a few different ways. It strengthens social bondsalso

  2. thats a good one and a different one too...

  3. Striking the balance is important. Good words must come from the heart. It's better not to say anything good, if you don't really mean it.