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Friday, 8 March 2013


Know not the  causes ,
I weep in my soul.
My mind is full of waves ;
Like a turbulent sea .
It's roaring around me
Sprinkles salt water
In my wounds;
And the desert storms
Fill my eyes with sandy dust.
The serenity I used to feel
In my solitude, is no more.
I weep heartbreakingly,
But oozes no tear drop!.
Grief carves me from within,
Like a worm inside a flower bud!

I feel  I were not born.
I wish I were not alive.
Forlorn and cursed is my soul,
Seeks shadow and shelter
In this lost world!
Who will listen to my lamentations?

The wast wavy desert surrounds me.
Will an alchemist ever appear,
With his precious shining metal,
To touch at the edge of my spirit
And make it glitter again!!

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